Step 1: Setup your profile

Your profile is what people will see if they enter your keyword while an event isn't currently running. It is a catch all and should be generic enough to represent the purpose of your keyword as a whole.

To set up your profile, click on the 'edit profile' link in the header.

You are now on the edit profile screen.

Let's break it down by tab.

Basic info

Use this tab to easily update your profile picture or change the info about you that is shared with audience members.

Social info

The social info tab lets you link to all sorts of social media accounts. This information will also be shared with audience members, making it easier for you to get more traction on your social media channels.

Audience info required

Audience members have to enter certain information when they want to download a resource from your event or check into the event (in order to network with other attendees). This tab controls the information they are asked for. KiwiLive collects this information for you as the event owner. You can use established fields like 'email' and 'name' or create custom questions to use as market research or ice-breakers.


Your profile can hold items that don't change over time. You can add documents, products, and notes to your profile and they will be accessible for audience members no matter what event is running for that keyword. Evergreen sorts of items work best for this. Want to add more dynamic items like polls and short answer questions? You'll just need to schedule and event for that.

Advanced settings

Now you're getting serious. By clicking on 'advanced settings', you'll see some extra options for your keyword. You can adjust things like:

- Profile visible: if this box is checked, people entering your keyword will be able to see your profile and events. Uncheck the box to completely hide from all audience members. Even if they enter your keyword, they won't find you. Be careful!

- Receive an email for each connection: by default, KiwiLive will notify you by email every time someone in your audience submits the form you've set up. If you'd rather not get an email, just uncheck this box. You'll still be able to get to the information they submit, we just won't flood your inbox.

- New events should pop out the box asking for audience info: if this box is checked, the first thing audience members will see is a form asking for their information. They can of course cancel the box and continue to engage with the event. If you'd rather wait until they try to download something to show them the form, just uncheck this box and save your changes.



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