Step 2: Setup an event

Once your profile is ready to go, it's time to setup your first event! Time to start having fun!

An event on KiwiLive is a period of time during which, if people enter your keyword, they will see a certain set of items to engage with.

To create an event, click on your calendar and then click 'create new event.'

Set the event's time period:

Set the beginning of the event to the time at which you'd first like audience members to be able to access the items in your event. Remember, audience members probably won't know about your event until you tell them, so it's safe to err on the side of having your event start early. You don't want people entering your keyword until after your event start time passes.

Set the end of the event to be the last time when you'd like new participants to be able to view the event. If someone enters your keyword after your event ends, they'll simply see your profile - not the items in your event.

Choose your audience size:

About how many unique devices will view this event? It's usually pretty safe to choose the audience size you expect. Telling KiwiLive this information lets us be better prepared to support your event.

The keyword:

If you have multiple keywords on your account, you can choose which keyword the audience should enter to see the event.

Create your event!

After you review and confirm your event details, you'll be on the 'edit event' screen.

It's time to add items:

Using the list of item types, you can add documents, products, notes, polls, and short answer questions to your event. For each item, you will choose when you want the item to appear for the audience members:

1.) Items delivered at event start: Items in this column will show up for the audience members automatically. You don't have to worry about when to make them 'visible' to the audience.

2.) Items to deliver later: Items in this column will not be visible to the audience until you, as the event owner, decide that they should be. This column is great for items that are time-critical, like a survey question you don't want people to see until the end of the event. You can make these items visible from the admin screen during your event.

You're all set. Click the 'audience view' button to see what the audience will see. The 'admin view' lets you see incoming answers to questions as well as push new items. The 'public view' is great for displaying on a projector.



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