Collecting email addresses from audience members

KiwiLive can be extraordinarily valuable as a tool to collect audience member contact information.

As a presenter, you can direct audience members to engage with KiwiLive for any number of reasons, including easy access to free pdfs or mp3s, an outlet for comments, or fun live polling questions.

When the audience members type in your keyword and view your resources, they will have two soft requests for contact information. If they enter contact info at either of those two points, you'll have it ready to add to your mail list. Of course we strongly recommend following good double opt-in practices.

The two opportunities to collect contact info are:

1.) As soon as an audience member views your event, they will be shown your connection form, requesting for information before they are able to download any resources. This is a relatively soft request since the audience member can skip the form by clicking outside the form, hiding the form with the green arrow, or clicking the 'do this later' button at the bottom of the form.

2.) If the audience member doesn't fill out your form on initial view of your event, they can still engage with live polls, buy products, or send notes. However, if they want to download any of your resources, the connection form will pop back out. To reiterate, audience members cannot download any of your resources unless they have filled out the connection form for that keyword.

A note on recurring events: an attendee will not be required to fill out the connection form every time you add new content to an event or have a different event. As long as they have filled out the connection form FOR THAT KEYWORD before, they will be able to download whatever resources are currently available.

Using KiwiLive is a great win-win for the presenter and the audience member. The presenter can walk off stage with all their biggest fan's contact information ready to add to their database. Meanwhile, the audience members or fans received the resources they wanted immediately! That's the magic of Kiwi!  


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