Use polling to understand who's in the room

One of the central challenges for an event organizer, presenter, or performer is to understand who is in the room.

Even if you know who has signed up to be at an event, it can be extraordinarily advantageous to know:

  • the group's opinion about your topic or a question that you're addressing
  • whether the audience members have ever been to an event like yours before 
  • what concerns keep your audience up at night

Some KiwiLive customers have been brave enough to let the responses to a KiwiLive poll dictate their entire presentation. At the outset, they have said, "I can speak on any of these 4 topics today. Tell me which ones you want via the KiwiLive poll. That way I can make sure our time together is as helpful as possible today."

Even if you're not ready to take the step of letting your audience decide your topics for the day, consider adding a polling question at the beginning of your presentation to get a better feel for who is in the room.


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