Step 3: Practice run

It's always good practice to pretend to be an audience member and connect to your own keyword. This is called a test connection. It's especially important to complete a test connection after you've made changes to an event or a keyword.

Because you'll see exactly what the audience will see on their mobile devices, you'll be able to verify whether KiwiLive is working as you expected it to with your current settings.

You can do a test connection in either of two easy ways:

1.) If the event that you'd like to test is currently running or you'd like to just see what your profile looks like, simply go to the homepage ( and enter your keyword.

2.) If you'd like to test a scheduled event that is occurring in the future, you'll need to click the preview event link for that event. The preview link can be found either on your event calendar or in the 'edit event' view (just click on the 'audience view' button).

Now play around with your event!

Some good things to check are:

1.) Does the connection form include the fields you want it to? It's always a good idea to keep the requirements as short as possible! You'll see this form when you try to download an item from your event.

2.) Are the event items listed for your event correct?

If everything looks good to you, you're ready to rock and roll with a live audience. If not, you'll need to go back to the appropriate settings to tweak them.


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