Taking questions/comments during an event

KiwiLive can be used extremely effectively as a question or comment outlet for audience members.

The challenges with Q&A by conventional 'pass-a-microphone' means are numerous. People who are shy or have a sensitive question may not feel like they can speak up. Other people who are comfortable talking to the group on a microphone may tell you their life story but never ask a question. KiwiLive can help avoid all that.

Important: all questions or comments submitted in the following manner are anonymous and moderated (i.e. they will not show up on a public display until the event administrator decides to make a comment visible).

Any scheduled event (i.e. one that appears on your event calendar) is setup to receive comments and questions from the audience.

Add a short answer question to get input from the audience

When you add a short answer question to your event, the audience can respond. Your admin view will show the audience responses in realtime underneath the short answer question.

The responses are moderated by default, but if you want to share one, just click on the link that says 'push' next to the response. KiwiLive will ask you to confirm that you want to make the response visible to the whole audience. If you click 'OK', the audience will see a new item on their devices - the answer you made visible!

As an event admin then, your job is to observe the comments/questions submitted by the audience and choose which comments/questions you'd like to respond to verbally or share with the audience by pushing it to them.

Have fun with this! The audience will love having their voice heard and you can gain extremely valuable insights from their opinions and questions.


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