The basics

Everyone will develop their own style to direct their audiences to KiwiLive, but there are several best practices that nearly all successful KiwiLive presenters/performers use.

1.) Incentivize

In order to get people to pull out their mobile devices, head to, and enter your keyword, you'll need to provide a good reason for audience members to do so. Here are some ideas:

  • Use KiwiLive for fun interactive polling
  • Use KiwiLive for a comment/question submission outlet
  • Use KiwiLive trivia questions for comprehension checks at the end of a talk
  • Enter attendees who connect on KiwiLive into a contest for your books, a gift card, or your new album
  • Give out your slides on KiwiLive
  • Give out a chapter of your eBook on KiwiLive
  • Give out some free music on KiwiLive
  • Give special links to product discounts on KiwiLive

2.) Focus and pause

In the age of social media, audience members are used to having 12 trillion ways to follow up with you. Make sure that you highlight KiwiLive as the one action you want them to take to connect with you. If KiwiLive is buried between your Twitter handle and your Instagram name on your contact page, no one will use it.

By connecting with you on KiwiLive, don't forget that attendees will receive your contact information and social media links by email.

After you focus on KiwiLive, pause.

This is a terribly hard thing to do as a presenter, but you need to pause to let people know that you are serious about encouraging them to pull out their mobile devices and head to

When you pause, you are intentionally creating a stand-off. You are saying, in effect, "I'll continue after you've engaged on KiwiLive like I've asked you to." If the audience sits silently and stares at you, chances are you've not provided a very strong incentive.

3.) Explain

People fear the unknown and, for many attendees, KiwiLive will be unknown. So consider explaining

  • how it works
  • what they'll see
  • what they can get
  • why it's going to be fun

Many successful KiwiLive presenters will even take this to the next level and show a screenshot of KiwiLive with their keyword in place, ready to go. This is nice feedback for the audience so that they know they're on the right track.

If you stick to the 3 principles above and add your own style, you'll do great.


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