Using the public view to project results

KiwiLive has built a view that is designed to be projected for your audience. It's called the 'public view.'

Here's how it works:

1.) Sign into KiwiLive on the computer connected to the projector. You won't be able to show the public view unless you're signed in.

2.)  Navigate to the public view in your favorite web browser (we like Chrome). You can click the 'public view' link from your event calendar or from the 'edit event' view.

3.) When the time is right, switch the project to display Chrome, or whatever browser you loaded the 'public view' in.

Pro tip: If you are using a presentation software, you can also try putting a hyperlink to the public view right on your slide. Then, when you're ready to switch to KiwiLive, just clink the link. To get back to your presentation, Alt+Tab (or Command+Tab for Mac users) can be really helpful.

The public view will show public results only. Short answer responses and private poll results will not appear.

Using the public view can be a nice way to direct the audience's attention back to their device when a new item is delivered.

Pro tip: It's always a good idea to preview the public view before you project it to make sure the font sizes are appropriate. Increase or decrease the font size with the font-size buttons included in the upper-right corner of the public view.


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